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A resident of Baltimore for over 30 years, Richard Holt is chair of the ceramics department at Towson University and co-creator of Claymonster Pottery in Baltimore, Maryland. He has also taught at The Potter’s Guild and Baltimore Clayworks. For 10 years he worked at Clayworks Supplies where he continues to consult with artists and schools using automatic kilns in need of instruction and troubleshooting kiln issues. Community engagement is a big focus which includes empty bowls projects, community firings with local colleges and any project where students and community can come together. Rich exhibits his sculptures in galleries and sells his pottery line with his wife through various craft shows and web sales. He published a workbook guide for beginners with Kendall Hunt publishing company in 2013, specifically designed to accompany students at Towson University.

            Rich’s personal work is a result of his mentor Bob Pitman who was instrumental in fostering his passion for ceramics. Early influences are Hans Coper, Robert Arneson, Peter Voulkos, Jack Troy and Ian Gregory. Rich puts his work in to two categories. Work for exhibition that includes figurative forms that are wheel thrown and altered and the Claymonster Pottery line which allows him to stay a kid forever.

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